OpenStreetMap tiles to pdf 1.5KB

OSM map to pdf

Generate pdf with OpenStreetMap tiles.

example output of osm2pdf with --route parameter


How to download OpenStreetMap with osm2pdf


sudo yarn global add osm2pdf
# or
sudo npm install -g osm2pdf


Download a route

You need to provide a route in gpx format. You can download it on graphhopper website. Find your route and click GPX export button.

osm2pdf --route --zoom=10 --input=path/to/route.gpx --output=path/to/output --tile-server=1

Download a map

You need to provide boundaries of the area you want to download.

osm2pdf -n=70.923 -w=-4.373 -s=55.756 -e=27.872 --zoom=9 --output=path/to/output --tile-server=2


osm2pdf -h
# or
osm2pdf --help

Node compatibility

We use ECMAScript Modules which are supported since Node v8.

Use responsibly

OpenStreetMap is run by a not-for-profit foundation. This application uses resources provided by them. Please read the OSM Tile Usage Policy and follow it. Use osm2pdf responsibly and consider donating to OSM Foundation.

The authors are not affiliated with OSM Foundation.