My thoughts on Solid and Linked Data. Not to forget the process and issues. 2.4KB


Some issues I see with the Semantic Web

What if an ontology which I use ceases to exist?

Cool URIs don't change

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But the real ones do. All the time. Even RDF vocabularies. When we rely on single documents too much, they'll cease to exist and we have a problem.

URIs come and go with life of persons and organizations that own them.

Using http resources from an app on https

The http requests will be refused.

How do I talk about statements?

How to refer a triple or multiple triples?

Seems that Named Graph is an answer. Turtle doesn't support this. But TRiG and N-Quads do. Also Notation3.

I asked on and @timbl suggested Notation3, which is a proposal he created, but which wasn't accepted. He suggested that the other formats (TRiG, N-Quads) are not very elegant. Unfortunately, how can one use something, which is not a standard?

How do I talk about statements in a document of somebody else? When they're not named? Do I cite?

The world of Solid is actually quite scary to me

All the places with information about me can be linked together. My actions from different places are linked together via my WebID. What is the government and disent relationship in the world of linked data? Does one keep multiple profiles?

How to show data to trusted groups of people?

How would a decentralized network of trust work? How does the actual trust between people in the physical world work?


( )--( )   maybe this is a weak link? just one person.
 |    |  /
 |    |/
( )--( )--( )
      |    |
      |    |
     ( )--( )

Normally, when we have a reference by a friend about her friend, we trust that friend of a friend. This network doesn't go forever though; and depends on the trust to the friend. Could we crawl a foaf network and fetch people we're willing to trust? (e.g. People who are trusted by our friends, People who are linked by enough trust relationships to us, ...) We could just run this tool regularly and update our permissions file.

When there is distrust, it grows fast. If someone is not trusted by one of my friends, they should be excluded from my trust network. Can perhaps also trust blacklist services.

I ask somebody I trust: Do you trust that person? And they will tell me the truth, or it will ruin their trustworthiness to me.