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  mrkvon a59899e17c make a separate entity for selections 5 years ago
  mrkvon 194f25ae3b expand and unexpand selections 5 years ago
  mrkvon 91d98a3a4d fiddling with graph forces 5 years ago
  mrkvon a5caa95cee highlight and unhighlight nodes belonging to a selection in filters 5 years ago
  mrkvon 37bd95444c highlight nodes and node tags when they're hovered in list 5 years ago
  mrkvon 7941cbdf77 expanding and highlighting nodes 5 years ago
  mrkvon 341294f06a nodes can't go out of view 5 years ago
  mrkvon fd91d979e7 collect data for graph, display graph 5 years ago
  mrkvon 9d86371ba1 join Tag and Selectable as Node, initialize graph-page 5 years ago
  mrkvon 395aff6e9d showing tags of selectables 5 years ago
  mrkvon f73d1f622e removing selections 5 years ago
  mrkvon 776b638346 find (fake), show and filter selectables 5 years ago
  mrkvon 8f4ca9cd74 initial commit 5 years ago