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  Agata Andrzejewska 70d2cc7b92
create GET /ideas?filter[title][like] (#62) 2 years ago
  Agata Andrzejewska df4d1758d7
create GET /ideas?filter[trending] (#58) 2 years ago
  Agata Andrzejewska 45c7114c4e
Merge pull request #56 from ditup/ideas-highly 2 years ago
  Agata-Andrzejewska c83d42f3e7 GET /ideas?filter[highlyRated]=bottomRateLimit 2 years ago
  Agata Andrzejewska 3273c00f80 GET /ideas?filter[commentedBy]='username0,username1,username2' (#55) 2 years ago
  Agata Andrzejewska ce64dc626d GET /ideas?filter[creators]='username0,username1,username2' (#54) 2 years ago
  mrkvon 42fa21a8f5
Merge pull request #53 from ditup/random-ideas 2 years ago
  mrkvon 2d09371e35 GET /ideas?filter[random] 2 years ago
  mrkvon 7c1d8541ef
Vote for ideas (#51) 2 years ago
  mrkvon 78ffd435c7
Reactions to comments (#49) 3 years ago
  mrkvon a429942ef8
Merge pull request #48 from ditup/idea-comment 3 years ago
  mrkvon 05632bf6bd fix lint error after rebase 3 years ago
  mrkvon f814a78772 when no pagination specified, fetch all comments of a primary (idea) 3 years ago
  mrkvon ea660f3554 update and delete a comment: PATCH, DELETE /comments/:id 3 years ago
  mrkvon 42e417b23c rename variable after rebase 3 years ago
  mrkvon 555582b1f9 read comments of idea: GET /ideas/:id/comments 3 years ago
  mrkvon 28aecb8168 add comment to idea - POST /ideas/:id/comments 3 years ago
  mrkvon 4a1690306d
Merge pull request #47 from ditup/idea-lists 3 years ago
  mrkvon d77e4d8c9c find ideas with provided tags: GET /ideas?filter[withTags]=tag1,tag2,tag3 3 years ago
  mrkvon 37a51bb6a5 add minimal documentation 3 years ago
  mrkvon e345523538 get new ideas: GET /ideas?sort=-created 3 years ago
  mrkvon ce438b6fce GET /ideas?filter[withMyTags] (get ideas with my tags) 3 years ago
  mrkvon 76ea1349ba
Merge pull request #46 from ditup/patch-idea 3 years ago
  mrkvon 502bd888d2 apidoc 3 years ago
  mrkvon 056a39541a update idea: PATCH /ideas/:id 3 years ago
  mrkvon 4ff8c06f03
Merge pull request #45 from ditup/idea-tags 3 years ago
  mrkvon 4f72cfbbb9 fix comment 3 years ago
  mrkvon 8c37c6fb46 tag is not abandoned when it has related ideaTags (deleting abandoned tags with cron jobs) 3 years ago
  mrkvon de9fb5b7d8 DELETE /ideas/:id/tags/:tagname (delete ideaTag) 3 years ago
  mrkvon 0e426f4665 implement tests for GET /ideas/:id/tags 3 years ago
  mrkvon 61268cc8c5 POST /ideas/:id/tags - tests implemented 3 years ago
  mrkvon 958787dc6a initialize idea-tags 3 years ago
  mrkvon f5ade65219
Merge pull request #44 from ditup/get-idea 3 years ago
  mrkvon 336e3db4ee
Merge pull request #42 from ditup/ideas 3 years ago
  mrkvon 52ec77d027 GET /ideas/:id 3 years ago
  mrkvon 10ffa8ca25 create a new idea: POST /ideas 3 years ago
  mrkvon 3482862287
popular tags (#39) 3 years ago
  mrkvon 0c2c34a36e
Merge pull request #41 from ditup/files-naming 3 years ago
  Agata-Andrzejewska 598781b33d change filenames to not use uppercase in files naming 3 years ago
  mrkvon d429425a92
Merge pull request #40 from ditup/is-new-user 3 years ago
  mrkvon 800f8a6653 is user a new user? add the info to email verification response 3 years ago
  mrkvon 07505cfb5c fix bug: when sending message notifications, all unnotified were updated to notified, not only those which were really notified 3 years ago
  mrkvon 8ffab31cf5 response for 'confirm contact request' 3 years ago
  mrkvon 0c67e705b6 add relationships 'to', 'from' to response of updating message.read to true (PATCH /messages/:id) 3 years ago
  mrkvon dc8737fd77 fix link in contact request notification 3 years ago
  mrkvon 1821581e41 command to start production server with npm 3 years ago
  mrkvon 114e9329e8 production config 3 years ago
  mrkvon 73d1abcc87 change validation rules for username and password 3 years ago
  mrkvon 520a1462ed don't allow creating contact or message to unverified user 3 years ago
  mrkvon e49809bf12 return verified email and jwt token in response body of verifying email 3 years ago